Song Meaning (Fly or Die)

The song that I chose is Fly or Die by Gilles Rocha Fly or Die is a Bass Trombone Solo and is my favorite trombone solo. I listen to Fly or Die when I need inspiration to practice trombone.

Fly or Die starts of with four long and low notes, which I imagine as steps from a monster walking around in a forest. Then it goes quickly into a fast rhythm which I imagine as a person running away from the monster and the monster chasing him. When the song gets slow I imagine that as the person hiding and thinking they are safe. Then the song gets fast for a little while which I imagine as the monster walking by and the person getting nervous that it might find him. When the song slows down I imagine the monster leaving. Then when it gets faster again I imagine the person running away again trying to escape to forest. When the song abruptly stops I imagine that as the person getting killed by the monster.

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